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Janette Parr Consulting Services has been working with business clients, educational institutions and communities since 2006.

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We offer:


Writing, editing and proofreading

Would you appreciate the professional services of a writer, editor or proofreader to save your valuable time and to add polish to your business documents and communications?

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Professional learning and development  

Hold your learning and development sessions in your workplace. 
It’s economical, time-saving and practical!

Choose from
  • single sessions 
  • whole-day or half-day seminars or 
  • a custom-designed series 

Learning sessions are specifically designed to match your needs. 
A pre-seminar consultation is included in the cost.

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Educational Support

Do you or your child need educational support?

We can offer professional, expert help with 

  • regular course work 
  • study and revision skills 
  • examination preparation 

Experienced specialists will provide personal tuition across a range of subject areas - for individuals or small groups. 

Classes are held in a central location or at your home (negotiable)

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